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City Council of Peachtree City <br />Meeting Minutes <br />Thursday, April 7, 2022 <br />6:30 p.m. <br />The Mayor and Council of Peachtree City met in regular session on Thursday, April 7, 2022. Mayor Kim <br />Learnard called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Council members attending: Gretchen Caola, <br />Frank Destadio, Mike King, and Phil Prebor. <br />Announcements, Awards, Special Recognition <br />American Legion Post 50 presented its 2022 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award to Officer <br />Anna Lieff and the Firefighter of the Year Award to Lt. Dwayne Gowen. <br />Public Comment <br />Dan Smith said there had been discussion about the lack of jobs for younger people in Peachtree <br />City. He thought they should come up with an idea that could make some money for individuals and <br />investors. There would have to be some government involvement in procuring property, such as the <br />former Kmart and Stein -Mart. <br />BMX Track Director Shayne Robinson said the previous weekend's Gold Cup Qualifiers were a huge <br />success with 312 racers from several states. She thanked the City for its help in putting on a satisfying <br />event. They gave participants garden flags specially designed for Peachtree City, and those who <br />placed also got coasters. She presented a flag and coaster to the City. <br />Suzanne Brown said 230 permits for single-family housing had been issued between October and <br />March. She was curious how many residential lots existed in Peachtree City that did not yet have <br />building permits, and thought that figure might be useful to Council. She did not think there should be <br />rezonings for more residential development until traffic problems were solved. <br />Brown also mentioned that the primary elections were May 24, and the deadline to register to vote <br />was April 25. Early voting would begin May 5. Information was available on the Fayette County Board <br />of Elections website. <br />Agenda Changes <br />None <br />Minutes <br />1. March 11, 2022, Special Called Retreat Minutes <br />2. March 17, 2022, Council Meeting Minutes <br />3. March 17, 2022, Executive Session Minutes <br />4. March 22, 2022, Special Called Summit Minutes <br />5. March 23, 2022, Special Called Meeting Minutes <br />6. March 23, 2022, Executive Session Minutes <br />Prebor moved to approve the March 1 1 Special Called Retreat minutes; March 17 Council Meeting <br />Minutes; March 17 Executive Session Minutes; March 23 Special Called Meeting Minutes, and March 23 <br />Executive Session Minutes. King seconded. Motion carried unanimously. <br />Destadio moved to approve the March 22, 2022, Special Called Summit minutes. Caola seconded. <br />Motion carried 3-0-2, with King and Prebor abstaining due to their absence from that meeting. <br />