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<br />) <br />. \eTv-R#.jlO: <br />C6Vv./TI'-'f Home OWNc~5 fj%/1 <br />, Po t!3ffX'0tJ([/1- <br />pe/fCtr'fy<ee EJTY}$f 302-69 <br />DECLARATION OF PROTECTIVE COVENANTllI. E!J..& f1~'{;0 C' <br />,- ANiYRES'TRICTIONS 'l:A'ri:1 rE COUNTY. GA. <br />FOR THE CLOISTER I. IT & III SUBDlVISION~ 1 nq 9 Illl'n 2 5.1'. <br />AND THE COVENTRY HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIA fO'N' I II <br />SHEILA llTlJB!ilMHt CLERK <br /> <br />THIS DECLARATION OF PROTECTIVE COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS is made <br />and published this q 'fI.- day of CJ ~ , 2001, by the Coventry Homeowners <br />Association. <br /> <br />WITNESSETH: <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the members of the Coventry Homeowners Association are the owners of certain <br />property in the Cloister I, II, and III Subdivisions, being more particularly described as follows: <br /> <br />Cloister I, Land Lots 126, 127, 130 and 131 of the 7th District of Fayette County, Georgia, and <br />being Lots 1 through 13 and 39 through 59 of the Cloister I Subdivision, as per plat of survey <br />recorded in Plat Book 14 as pages 178 & 179, Fayette County, Georgia records (Sed~xhihitS!>A <br />&B). <br /> <br />.-. <br /> <br />Cloister II, Land Lots 126, 127, 130 & 131, 7th District, Fayette County, Georgia, being lots <br />14 through 38, inclusive and lots 60 through 76 inclusive of the Cloister Unit II as per Plat Book <br />IS, Pages 126 and 127, Fayette County records (see also Exhibit C). <br /> <br />Cloister Ill, Land Lots 126 and 131 of the 7th District of Fayette County, Georgia which <br />property is more particularly Lots 77 through 89 shown of that certain plat of survey of The <br />Cloister III Subdivision, recorded in Plat Book 16 at pages 104 and lOS, Fayette County, Georgia <br />records (also see Exhibit D). <br /> <br />Hereinafter referred to as the "Property". <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the members of the Coventry Homeowners Association desire to amend and <br />change The Covenants and Restrictions: <br />Declaration of Protective Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Coventry <br />Subdivision filed and recorded on September 20, ] 999 at ]2: I] PM with the Georgia, Fayette <br />County Clerk's Office, Superior Court and recorded in Book 143, pages 317 through 334. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, the Coventry Homeowners Association intends that every person who now or <br />hereafter owns or acquires any right, title, estate, or interest in or to the Property or any portion <br />thereof is and shall be conclusively deemed to have consented and agreed to every limitation, <br />restriction, easement, condition and covenant contained herein, whether or not any reference to <br />these restrictions is contained in the instrument by which such person acquired an interest in said <br />lot or any portion of the site. <br /> <br />WHEREAS, it is in the interest, benefit and advantage of The Coventry Homeowners <br />Association and to each and every person who shall hereafter purchase any lot in said <br /> <br />BOOK 1 718 PAGE 3 49 <br />