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<br />OFFICIAL NOTICE <br /> <br />RESIDENTIAL AND GENERAL CONTRACTORS <br />MUST BE LICENSED <br />EFFECTIVE JUL Y 1, 2008 <br /> <br />Under O.C.G.A 6 43-41-14 IAAny person, whether an individual or a business organization acting <br />through a qualifying agent, intending to perform work as a residential or general contractor, upon <br />making application to the building inspector or such other authority of any incorporated municipality <br />or county in this state charged with the duty of issuing building or other permits for contemplated <br />construction work requiring performance by either a licensed residential contractor or licensed <br />general contractor shall, before being entitled to the issuance of such permit, fumish to such <br />inspector or authority, personally or through his or her authorized agent specifically designated to act <br />on his or her behalf in a swom written document submitted contemporaneously or previously <br />submitted and maintained by such inspector or authority, his or her residential contractor or general <br />contractor license number and the identity of any business organization for which such application is <br />serving as qualifying agent that is undertaking or contracting as a residential contractor or a general <br />contractor to construct or manage the construction... " <br /> <br />limA building inspector or other authority shall issue such building permit under the terms of <br />this Code section to any person, including an individual licensee acting on his or her own behalf or a <br />licensee acting as a qualifying agent for a business organization and such business organization, <br />upon evidence reasonably establishing that such person is duly licensed as a residential or general <br />contractor under this chapter, either individl:lally or as a business organization acting under a duly <br />licensed qualifying agent... " . <br /> <br />O.C.GA. 6643-41-1 through 43-41-17 can be viewed in its entirety at <br />HTTP://WWW.SOS.STATE.GA.US/PLB/CONTRACTORS <br /> <br /> <br />State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors <br />P.O. Box 13446 <br />Macon, Georgia 31208 <br />478-207-2440 <br /> <br />IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT THE STATE LICENSING BOARD FOR RESIDENTIAL AND <br />GENERAL CONTRACTORS 478-207-2440 OR VISIT HTTP://WWW.SOS.STATE.GA.US/PLB/CONTRACTORS. <br />