Laserfiche Public Portal
<br />~~~, <br />PEACHTR~CITY <br />PLAN TO STAY'~ <br /> <br />Development Inspector <br />153 Willowbend Road <br />Peachtree City, GA 30269 <br />Phone: (770) 487-8901 <br />Fax: (770) 631-2552 <br />www. <br /> <br />Temporary Use Permit Application <br /> <br />Date: <br /> <br />Facility Hours of Operation: <br /> <br />Facility located at: <br /> <br />Nature of Use: <br /> <br />Manned or Operation: <br /> <br />Person or Company responsible for facility: <br /> <br />Address of responsible party: <br /> <br />Phone: <br /> <br />Planned duration of temporary use: <br /> <br />SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT: <br /> <br />Signature verifies that applicant is the owner or legally authorized agent of the property. <br />Applicant verifies that information is correct and accepts responsibility for compliance with <br />section 66-169 of the Peachtree City Code of Ordinances (outside displays). <br /> <br />*************************************************************** <br /> <br />FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY <br /> <br />DATE OF LAST PERMIT: <br />CHECKED FOR OCCUPANCY PERMIT: <br />CHECKED FOR TEMPORARY NATURE: <br />CHECKED FOR TRAFFIC CONGESTION: <br /> <br />APPROVAL OR DENIAL <br /> <br />Comments & Conditions: <br /> <br />Signature: <br /> <br />Date: <br /> <br />