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<br />. <br /> <br />I. <br />>,)- <br />L' <br />, \~ , ,J <br />\l' /)(\ <br />.~ <br />, <br />() <br /> <br />GOLF CART ORDINANCE HISTORY <br /> <br />/ <br /> <br />",,-0 <br />(r'-- <br /> <br />7-9-73 council adopted ordinance permitting golf carts over the <br />streets and paths of Peachtree city. Anyone operating the cart <br />was required to have a valid driver license. Penalty for violations <br />could not exceed $200. Ordinance #74 (attached) <br /> <br />4-11-77 Council amended the golf cart ordinance - requiring that <br />cart paths be used instead of streets when available, if driver did <br />not have a valid driver license they were required to obtain a city <br />Motorized Cart Operator Permit, allowed those 13 years or older to <br />operate a cart with a parents written permission, required <br />registration of golf carts. Ordinance #138 (attached) <br /> <br />6-13-77 <br />ordinance <br />ordinance <br />Ordinance <br /> <br />council amended the golf cart ordinance deleting <br />of April 11, 1977 and basically returned to prior <br />requiring all operators to have a valid driver license. <br />#141 (attached) <br /> <br />4-6-78 Council <br />be used instead <br />(attached) <br /> <br />amended the ordinance requiring that cart paths <br />of streets when available. Ordinance #177 <br /> <br />10-04-79 Council amended the ordinance allowing a 12 year old to <br />operate carts on the cartpaths with a person in the front seat that <br />had a valid driver lic~nse, provided for a penalty for violations <br />not to exceed $1,000. Ordinance #186 (attached) <br /> <br />9-4-80 Council amended ordinance prohibiting carts from being <br />driven on Highway 54 and 74 and Peachtree Parkway North except at <br />designated crossings. Ordinance #213 (attached) <br /> <br />7-5-84 Council amended ordinance allowing for impounding of <br />carts if in violation. Ordinance #341 (attached) <br /> <br />11-6-86 Council amended ordinance stating it shall be unlawful <br />for the owner of a cart to allow anyone to drive over cart paths <br />or streets in violation of the ordinance. Ordinance #413 (attached) <br /> <br />10-3-88 <br /> <br />Council amended the ordinance bringing it to current law <br /> <br />/' <br />