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<br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />PEACHTREE CITY PLANNING COMMISSION <br />AGENDA <br /> <br />I. Pledge of Allegiance: <br /> <br />n. Additions or Deletions: <br /> <br />June 14, 1999 <br />7:00 P. M. <br /> <br />m. Announcements and Reports: <br /> <br />IV. Approval of Minutes: <br /> <br />Meeting of May 24,1999. <br /> <br />v. <br /> <br />Public Hearings: <br /> <br />PH-99-08 <br /> <br />PH-99-09 <br /> <br />VI. Old Agenda Items: <br /> <br />05-99-01 <br /> <br />05-99-02 <br /> <br />VII. New Agenda Items: <br /> <br />None Scheduled. <br /> <br />Proposed Rezoning; LallandelScott Properties, GA 54 East, R-43 <br />to LUR. <br /> <br />Proposed Rezoning; HydeIPalmer Property, Old Stagecoach Road, <br />ER to LUR. <br /> <br />Schematic Site Plan, Line Creek Parkway Borrow Area, Katz <br />Property. <br /> <br />Schematic Site Plan, Line Creek Commercial Outparcels, GA 54 <br />and Line Creek Parkway. <br />