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<br />BY-LAWS OF <br />THE PEACHTREE CITY PLANNING COMMISSION <br /> <br />ARTICLE I - The Planning Commission <br />Section 1 <br /> <br />The Peachtree City Planning Commission shall exist as established in the Peachtree City Code of <br />Ordinances, as amended from time to time. <br /> <br />ARTICLE IT - Officers <br />Section 1 <br /> <br />Officers will be elected at the first meeting in October each year, and will hold office for a period <br />of one year. The Planning Commission shall elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Secretary <br />will be the City Planner by position. The officers may succeed themselves. <br /> <br />Section 2 <br /> <br />The Chairman shall preside at all regular meetings of the Planning Commission and at other <br />meetings and public hearings called by the Planning Commission. The Chairman may call special <br />meetings of the Planning Commission from time to time and may transmit reports, plans, and <br />recommendations of the Planning Commission to the appropriate governing authority and, in <br />general, shall act as spokesman for the Planning Commission. The Chairman shall represent the <br />Commission on the Personnel Selection Committee for the purpose of interviewing prospective <br />candidates for vacancies on the Commission. <br /> <br />Section 3 <br /> <br />The Vice-Chairman shall serve as Chairman in the absence or the disability of the Chairman. The <br />Vice-Chairman shall become Chairman in the event that the Chairman must step down, and a new <br />Vice-Chairman shall be elected within thirty (30) days. <br /> <br />Section 4 <br /> <br />The Secretary shall assist the Chairman in the preparation of an agenda for each Planning <br />Commission meeting, shall prepare and send out notices for special meetings, shall prepare and <br />distribute minutes of Commission meetings, and shall establish and maintain the Commission's <br />files. <br />