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City Council Meeting Minutes <br />January 10, 2013 <br />Page 2 <br />As GIRMA later stated, that forced me to hire my own lawyer, which was a justifiable <br />expense under my personal GIRMA coverage that I was fully entitled to. GIRMA also stated <br />there was mishandling of the matter initially. They stated I should have had their <br />representation from day one. That contrary to the lawsuit, I did act as Mayor fully within the <br />duties of my office. <br />Even with the ruling by GIRMA, the Councilmembers continued to declare me guilty of <br />slander and libel. They also added accusations of stealing for the taxpayers. They did so on <br />the Dais, in the newspapers and even on TV. They appealed to GIRMA to reverse their <br />decision and take back the money, which GIRMA refused to do. <br />When 1 threatened legal action, if they reduced my salary, Co uncifman Imker said I didn't <br />have the money to sue them. The others backed him. They proceeded to reduce my salary, <br />thinking 1 had no recourse against them. <br />But, I did hire a lawyer. They were legally threatened with a lawsuit for the salary. A second <br />lawsuit was threatened for slander and libel. They settled and gave me back my salary and <br />were forced to retract their accusations in the Settlement Agreement. <br />Bottom line here is if the Councilmembers had backed the full and proper handling of this <br />matter at the beginning, the Logsdon lawsuit would have gone away quickly and cheaply, <br />because three foundational claims in the lawsuit would have been refuted on day one. <br />The lawsuit didn't end out any kindness of the heart. There were facts laid on the table that <br />caused the dismissal <br />The Councilmembers claimed t had to ask their permission to file with GIRMA. That was a <br />false claim and admitted to in the Agenda Item on the ordinance requiring notification of <br />Council of any lawsuit. No permission was ever needed. <br />The Councilmembers claimed they had to authorize payment of a bill from GIRMA. Again, a <br />false claim admitted to during the Agenda Item. <br />The Councilmembers claimed they had to authorize reimbursement to me by GIRMA. Yet <br />another false claim admitted to during the Agenda Item. <br />The Councilmembers claimed they had the authority to reduce my salary via the Budget. <br />And again, another false claim so proven by a court ordering a Fayette County judge's <br />salary, with back pay, be restored. The argument for taking his salary was the same as for <br />taking mine. <br />The Councilmembers claimed Fcommitted libel and slander. !n fact, they had libeled and <br />slandered me over a two year period and had to retract their accusations in the Settlement <br />Agreement. <br />The Councilmembers claimed City indemnification could not be given for accusations of <br />libel and slander. Yet, they gave themselves indemnification when accused of committing <br />libel and slander. <br />The Councilmembers claimed it required a Council vote to give indemnification. Yet, they <br />gave themselves indemnification without a vote. <br />