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Rules and Regulations <br /> For the Use of Lake Peachtree <br /> I. These rules shall be in addition to and will supplement those established by <br /> Peachtree City ordinances, the U. S. Coast Guard, and the Georgia Wildlife <br /> Division of The Department of Natural Resources. These Lake Peachtree <br /> Association Rules and Regulations for the Use of Lake Peachtree are <br /> adopted by The City of Peachtree City Parks and Recreation Department, <br /> documented as part of"Lakes, Ponds & Parks Usage Rules for Lake <br /> Peachtree." <br /> II. Qualifications To Operate A Power Boat <br /> A. These Rules govern the use of boats powered by gas or other petroleum <br /> fuels, referred to as power boats. These rules do not restrict or govern the <br /> use of electric (motors of less than 30HP), wind or manual powered boats. <br /> B. Residents owning lakefront property on Lake Peachtree have the right to <br /> operate a power boat on Lake Peachtree. These rights are vested, and <br /> protected by deed, for residents living West of Lake Peachtree, south of <br /> Pebblestump Point, east of Hip Pocket Road, and North of Kelly Drive. <br /> These rights can only be transferred with the sale, or transfer of deed. <br /> They cannot be loaned, leased, or sold. Boating rights are limited to the <br /> physical occupant of the residence. Any arrangement that allows a person <br /> without power boat rights to operate a power boat on Lake Peachtree is <br /> expressly prohibited. (City Ordinance Sec 54-48). <br /> C. Power boats shall be operated by the boat owner/occupant of the residence <br /> (i.e. occupant must own their own boat), a responsible member of his <br /> immediate family or by a responsible guest provided the owner/tenant, or <br /> responsible member of the family, is in attendance while the boat is being <br /> operated. <br /> III. Qualifications To Operate an Electric Motor Boat of 30 Horsepower or <br /> Greater <br /> A. To operate an electric motor of greater than 30HP, the boat owner must <br /> meet the qualifications as stated in Section II (Qualifications to operate a <br /> power boat). <br /> IV. Boat Type and Registration <br /> A. Qualified boats shall be registered by the Lake Peachtree Association, and <br /> must display the official Lake Association decal on their boat. <br /> B. All boats must be owned by the authorized land owner or tenant. <br /> C. Houseboats, Jet Skis (PWC), boats that produce an excessive wake, or use <br /> of fat sacks, or boats that are extremely noisy or are excessively fast, are <br /> all considered inappropriate and are not allowed on Lake Peachtree. <br /> D. All homeowners are required to obtain approval from the Board of <br /> Directors of the Lake Peachtree Association regarding the size and type of <br /> boat,prior to decal authorization. <br /> E. Decals <br /> Rev. June 2008 2 <br />