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1. WithoUt specific written approval from Grantor, no <br />portion of the property shall be used except for residential <br />purposes. <br /> <br /> 2. No alternations shall be made to the site until <br />site plans are approved by Grantor, which shall have the <br />right to establish and amend procedures and standards to <br />guide its review of site plans. In particular, no clearing <br />or grading shall take place until Grantor has approved site <br />plans. <br /> <br /> 3. N° building; structure, alteration, addition, or <br />improvement of any character other than interior alterations <br />not affecting the external appearance of a building or <br />structure shall be censtructed upon any portion of the <br />property unless and u~)til a plan of such construction shall <br />have been approved by Grantor. Grantor shall ~ave the right, <br />but not the obligation, to establish and amend design review <br />procedures and standards to guide the enforcement of these <br />provisions. Plans shall be judged as to quality of design <br />and materials, harmony of external design with surrounding <br />structures'.or with the planned character of the neighborhood, <br />location with respect to topography and finished grade elevation, <br />the effect of the construction on the view from surrounding <br />property and all other factors which will in Grantor's opinion <br />affect the desirability or suitability of the construction. As <br />a minimum, final plans and specifications shall show the nature, <br />kind, shape, height, materials, basic exterior finishes and <br />colors, location, floor plans, and elevations of the proposed <br />structure. <br /> <br /> 4. The exterior of all structures must be completed <br />within one (1) year after the construction of same shall have <br />commenced (building permit date), except where such completion <br />is impossible or would result in great ha~dship.~o the owner <br />or builder due to strikes, fire, national emergency, or <br />natural calamities. <br /> <br /> 5. No fence or wall of any kind shall be erected, <br />begun, or permitted to remain upon any portion of the lot <br />unless and until plans are submitted to and approved by <br />Grantor, its agents, successors, or assigns. <br /> <br /> 6. Without specific written approval from Grantor, <br />no sign may be displayed to the public view on any lot except <br />for temporary signs not exceeding four square feet advertising <br />the property for sale or rent. Ail signs must be professionally <br />prepared. <br /> <br /> 7. No lot shall be subdivided in ahy way for sale, resale, <br />gift, transfer, or other purposes, except with the written <br />approval of Grantor° <br /> <br /> 8. No boat trailer, house trailer, trailer, or any <br />similar items shall be stored or parked on any lot except <br />within an approved enclosed garage or carport. In addition, <br />no automobiles,'trucks, or other motorized vehicles may be <br />kept outside a garage unless such vehicles have up-to-date <br />licenses and inspection stickers. Boats and recreational <br />vehicles must be stored in enclosed garages or carports. <br /> <br /> 9. No trees having a di~neter of six inches (6") or <br />greater (measured at a pont 12" above ground level) shall be <br /> <br /> <br />