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DECLARATION OF COVENANTS <br /> <br /> AND RESTRICTIONS <br />FOR LAKE FOREST GLEN SUBDIVISION <br /> <br /> THIS DECLARATION is made as of the 24th day of May, 1983, by <br />The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, a New <br />York Corporation (hereinafter called "Developer"). <br /> <br />WITNESSETH: <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Developer owns certain lots and blocks of lots and <br />surrounding properties located in Land Lot 50 of the 6th District <br />of Fayette County, Georgia which property is more particularly <br />shown on that certain plat of survey of Lake Forest Glen <br />Subdivision recorded in Plat Book 14 at pages 8 and 9 , Fayette <br />County, Georgia records (hereinafter referred to as the <br />"Property") and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Developer desires to establish certain convenants <br />and restrictions pertaining to the use and enjoyment of the <br />Property; <br /> <br /> NOW THEREFORE, for and during the term hereof, as hereinafter <br />stated, be it hereby declared that the Property is subjected to <br />the covenants, conditions and restrictions as follows: <br /> <br /> 1. Without specific written approval from Developer no <br />portion of the Property shall be used except for residential <br />purposes. <br /> <br /> 2. No alterations shall be made to any lot until site plans <br />are approved by Developer, who shall have the right to establish <br />and amend procedures and standards to guide its review of site <br />plans. In particular, no clearing or grading shall take place <br />until Developer has approved site plans. <br /> <br /> 3. No building, structure, alteration, addition, or <br />improvement of any character other than interior alterations not <br />affecting the external appearance of a building .or structure <br />shall be constructed upon any lot unless and until a plan of such <br />construction shall have been approved by Developer. Developer <br />shall have the right, but not the obligation, to establish and <br />amend design review procedures and standards, to guide the <br />enforcement of these provisions. Plans shall be judged as to <br />quality of design and materials, harmony of external design with <br />surrounding structures or with the planned character of the <br />neighborhood, location with respect to topography and finished <br />grade elevation, the effect of the construction on the view from <br />surrounding property and all other factors which will in <br />Developer's opinion affect the desirability or suitability of the <br />construction. As a minimum, final plans and specifications shall <br />show the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, basic exterior <br />finishes and colors, location, floor plans, and elevations of the <br />proposed structure. <br /> <br /> 4. No house shall be constructed <br />enclosed heated area, exclusive of the <br />basements, of less than 1,000 square feet. <br /> <br />on any lot having an <br />garages, porches and <br /> <br />+ BOOK <br /> (1) <br /> <br /> <br />