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DECbSRATIOM OF COVENANTS <br /> <br /> hND I{[iH'I:I{IC'.~'IONS FOR <br />NORTII PINEGATE, PIIASB TWO <br /> <br /> TIIIS DECLARATION is made as of i:he 20 day of May <br />1986, by TIlE EQUITABLE I..IF~ ASSURANCE SOCIETY OF TIll] UNITED <br />STATES, a New York Corporation (herainaf.'ter called "Developer"). <br /> <br />WITNE$SETH; <br /> <br /> WIIgREAS, Developer owns certain lots and blocks of lots and <br />surrounding properties locaL~ed iix La~%d LO~S 131, 132 and 157 of <br />the 7L~h District of ?ayette County, Geowgia which progerty is <br />more particularly shown on that certain plat of survey of North <br />Pineoa%e Subdivision, Phase Two, recorded in Plat Book _115 at <br />pages 195-197 , Fayette County, Georgia records (hereinafter <br />referred %o as the "Property"); and <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Developer desii¢3s to establish ce['~ain convenanks <br />and restric~:%ons pertaining to the use and enjoyment o~ the <br />Property; <br /> <br /> NOW TIIEREFORE, for and during the term hereof, as hereinafte~ <br />staked, bE i~ hereby declared that the Property is subjected <br />the covenants, conditions ami restrictiol%s as follows: <br /> <br /> 1. Wi thou['- spec3ific writ ~'en approval from Developer no <br />portiol% of the Prope~°~y shall be used except for residential <br /> <br /> 2. No alterations shall be made to any lot u~%~il site plans <br />are approved by Developer, who shall have the right to establish <br />and amend procedures and' standards to 9uide its rev(ew o~ site <br />plans. In pa~;ticulur, no clealin9 or 9fac]in9 shall take place <br />until Developer has approved s~te plans. <br /> <br /> 3. No building, skrucbure, alteration, addition, or <br />improvement of any chat'actEr otl]Er than interior alterations <br />affecting tl~ external appearance of a building or s~r~oture <br />shall b~ conGtructed upon any lo~ unless and until a plan of such <br />construc[~ion shall have been approved by Developer. Developer <br />shall have the right, but no~:~ the obligation, ~o establish ~nd <br />amend design L'cview procedures and s~andards ho gt~ J. da ~he <br />enforcement of these provisions. Plans shall be judged as <br />quality of design and materials, harmony of external d~si~n with <br />sur rom~disg structures or with the pi. anneal character o~ the <br />neighborhood, location with respect uo ~opography and finished <br />grade elevation, the ~ffect of the construction on the view from <br />surrounding propsrty and all o~her [~ctors which will in <br />Developer's opinion affect ~he de&irabili%y or suitabili%y of the <br />construction. As a minimmn, ~inm]. plans and specifications sha~l <br />show the nakure, kind, shape, height, materials, basic <br />finishes add colors, location, ~loof plans, amd elevations of ~he <br />proposed s~ruc~gre. <br /> <br /> 4. No house shall be constructed on any lek having an <br />enclosed heated area, exclusive of the garages, porches and <br />basements of nol: less than 1,000 square feet. <br /> <br /> 5. The ex,.error of ali. st~uc~uces must be compleked wi(~hln <br />one (1) year' ar. ret the constructLon of same shall have commenced <br />(buil~dt. ng permit date}, except whe~'e such completion is <br />impossible or would re,o~lt in greet hardship to the owner or <br />builder ~ue to strikes, fire, national emergency, or nakural <br />calamities. <br /> <br /> <br />