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'~ ' ., Pestrictions <br />;,I -R'9-b-!2-~'-" '.' ~-. Bend Subdivision <br /> <br /> no 1. Without specific w~itLen approval from Garden Cities Corporation, <br /> portion of the lot shall be ,~ed except for residential purposes, including <br /> noncommercial gardening, stables, and pastures. <br /> <br />Ir 2. No alterations shall be made to the site until site plans are ap- <br /> p oved bv Garden Cities Corporation, which shall'have the right to establish <br />.land amend, procedures, and standards to guide its review of site plans. In par~l.'- <br />cular, no clearing or grading shall take olace until Garden Cities Corporation <br />has approved site plans. <br /> <br /> 3. No buildings, structure, alteration, addition, or improvement of <br />any character other than interior alterations not affecting the external ap- <br />pearance of a building or structure shall be constructed upon any portion of <br />the lot unless and until a plan of such construction shall have been approved <br />by Garden Cities Corporation, it~ agents, successors, or assigns. Garden Ci~ies <br />Corporation shall have the rioht to establish and amend design review procedures <br />and standards to guide the enforcement of these provisions. Plans shall be <br />judged as to quality of design and materials, harmony of external design with <br />surrounding structures or with the planned character of the neighborhood, loca- <br />tion with respect to topography and finished orade elevation, the effect of the <br />construction on the view from surrounding property, and all other facb~rs <br />Nhich will in Garden Cities Corporation's opinion affect the desirability or <br />suitability of the construction. As a minimum, final plans and specifications <br />shall show the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, basic exterior finishes <br />~nd colors, location, floor plans, and elevations of the proposed strurture or <br />structures. The minimum floor area for the main structure on the lot shall not <br />be less than 1650 square feet of habitable, heated space. <br /> <br /> 4. The exterior of all structures must be completed within one (1) <br />~ear after the construction of same shall have commenced (building permit <br />~ate), except where such completion is impossible or would result in great hard- <br />ship to the owner or builder due to strikes, fire, national emergency, or <br />oatural calamities. <br /> <br /> 5. No fence or wall of any kind shall be erected, begun, or permitted <br />to remain upon any portion of the lot unless and until plans are submitted to <br />]nd approved by Garden Cities Corporation, its agents, successors, or assigns. <br /> <br /> 6. Without specific written approval from Garden Cities Corporation, <br />qo sign may be displayed to the public view on the lot, except for temporary <br />signs not exceeding four (4) square feet advertising the property for sale or. <br />rent. All signs must be professionally prepared. <br /> <br /> 7. The lot shall not be subdivided in any way for sale, resale, gift, <br />transfer, or other purpose, except with the written approval of Garden Cities <br />Corporation, its agents, successors, or assigns. <br /> <br /> 8. No tree having a diameter of six inches (6") or greater (measured <br />]t a point 12" above ground level) shall be removed from the lot without <br />Nritten authorization from Garden Cities Corporation, which may adopt and <br />promulgate rules and regulations for the preservation of trees and other natural <br />features of the lot. Garden Cities Corporation may also designate certain <br />trees - regardless of size - as not removable without written authorization. <br /> <br /> 9. No lumber, metals, bulk materials, refuse, trash or other similar <br />~aterials shall be kept, stored, or allowed to accumulate in a disorderly man- <br />~er on the lot. <br /> <br /> 10. Prior to the occupancy of a residence on the lot, proper and <br />suitable provision shall be made for the disposal of sewage. <br /> <br /> ll. No fuel tanks or similar storage receptacles may be exposed to <br />view. Such receptacles must be installed within the main dwelling, an acces <br />sory building, a screened area, or buried underground. Any exterior installa- <br />tion is subject to Garden Cities Corporation approval. No auxiliary devices <br /> such as TV antennas) shall be mounted upon any elevation of the dwelling <br /> including roof) which faces a street. <br /> <br /> 12. The lot shall be landscaped within sixty (60) days of the is.- <br />uance of an Occupancy Permit by Peachtree City. This landscaping must be <br />done in accordance with a plan prepared by a landscaping professional and ap- <br />)roved by Garden Cities Corporation. <br /> <br /> <br />