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WILL/AM F. C. SKINNER, JR. <br /> ATTORNEY AT LAW <br /> 3~.5 WEST PONCE DE LEON AVE. <br /> SUITE 956 <br /> DECATUR, GA 30030 <br /> <br /> DEC~pr~.~T~Q~.-rQ~,,.~D. yENANTS CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR <br /> <br /> N~EAS, the undersigned T~ BR2~DS}~NN COMPANY <br /> <br /> NHEREAS, it is to the interest, benefit and advantage of ~he <br />undersigned and each and every person who shall hereafter purchase <br /> <br />~..= .... lot in ~h~ said subdivision ~- certazn covenants 9over~ing <br /> <br />· and regulating the use and occupancy of the same be established, <br />set forth and declared to be covenants running with the land; <br /> <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises, the <br />undersigned THE B~S~W COMP~Y, for itself, its successors and <br />assigns, and its future grantees, does hereby place and impose the <br />following conditions, restrictions, reservations, easements, liens <br />and charges as detailed hereinafter on real property located in the <br />City of Peachtree City, County of Fayet[e, State of Georgia, and <br />being more particularly describe~ ~s follows: <br /> <br /> ALL T~T T~CT or parcel of land lying and being in <br /> Land Lot 91 of the 7th District of Fayette County, <br /> Georgia, and being Smokerise Estates, Phase Four, as <br /> shown on plat of survey of said subdivision recorded in <br /> Plat Book~5, pages 187-188 in the office of the Clerk of <br /> Superior Court of Fayette County, Georgia. <br /> <br /> The above described property is hereby subjected to the same <br /> covenants, conditions and restrictions as previously set out for <br /> Smokerise Bstates, Phases One, Two, and Three, which have been <br /> previously set out in instruments filed and recorded in the office <br /> of the Clerk of Superior Court of Fayette County, Georgia, in Deed <br /> Books 664, at pages 46 et seq.; 670 at pages 318-319; 852 at pages <br /> <br /> <br />