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DECLARATION OF ~ROTECTITE COVE~ANT$~ <br /> <br />made end published ~his <br /> <br /> January 5, 1972, by BLOUN~ CONSTRU~'~:0N C0~PANY, :NC. A corpor~ion chartered <br /> undcr the laws of :he State of BeorEta and having its principal off~ca <br /> <br /> FultOn C~ty, <br /> <br /> ~, ~S, s~d co~poratt~ ~s the ~er of the subdivision <br /> <br />~ as ~g, ~ Z and betas a auStria/on of a~ of those <br />certain loci, tracts or parcels o~ land situate, lyin8 a~ beLng in <br />rayette County, ~otgia. and being tn LL 1~9. I63, 16A and I86 o~ the <br />District o~ Fayee:e County; A~ <br /> <br /> ~S, tt ts to the interest, benefit a~ advantage o~ <br /> <br />CO~:S~U~:ON C~PA~, Z~C. and to each and eve~ person ~ho shall hereafter <br />~urchase any loc tn said subdivision the: certain protective covenants <br />governing and re~laCimg abe use a~ occupancy of the same be established, <br />set ~er:h and declared to be c~e~uta ~aming with She la~d; <br /> <br /> ~, ~ER~O~, ~or and in considers:ion of the premised amd o~ the <br />benefits to be derived by BL~ ~U~XON ~PA~, Z~C. amd each and eve~ <br />subsequent ~er o~ any o~ the lots tn said. subdivision, said BLOUh~ CONS~UCT:O~ <br />C~-:PA~, ZNC. does hereby set up, establish, promisees and ~eclare the <br />following protective covenants to appl7 to a~l of said lots and co all persons <br />~ming said lots, or any o~ ohm, hereafter; these ptotecCi~ c~enancs <br />shall bec~ effeeCtve.~ely a~ ~m~ch the land and shall be btedt~ <br />om all persona clatmin8 ~der a~ through B~ CONS~UCTION C~PA~, <br />u~ttl Jamua~ 6, 1997 aC ~i~ tim said c~enants my be extended or Ca.tasted <br />tn ~ole or tn part aa hezeinafCer pt~ided~ to~tc: <br /> <br /> 1. ~ ~E ~ B~G ~. ~o'loC 8hll be uoed ~cepc <br /> <br />residential ~rposee. No buildtq e~ll be enact, altered, placed, ot <br />pemttced to rmiu on any toe oChor ~au deC~M atn81e Family dve:linp <br />not to exceed ~o I~ one-ha~ oc~teo tu he~C i~ a private garage <br /> <br /> <br />