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<br />,.-...c <br /> <br />~1lhmfu:14urnal B <br />THE ATLAN;: C;NSTlTOTION <br />.......... <br />12-D <br /> <br />SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 1959 <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />uSlness <br /> <br />. .. . <br /> <br />l-----~,'- <br /> <br /> <br />HOW PLANNERS ENVISION FUTURE PEACHTREE CITY <br />With 7,000 Population, It Would Look Something Like This C <br /> <br />16,OOO-Acre Dream City <br />Planned in Fayette County <br /> <br />De'fe!opers of Tract 22 Miles <br />From Atlanta to Start in Fall <br /> <br />,/", <br /> <br />THE HUGE tract of wooded, <br />hilly terrain that is to become <br />Peachtree City. lies sOme seven <br />or eight miles southwest of Fay~ <br />etteviIIe and about 22 miles from <br />By FRED HARTLEY the center of Atlanta. It will he <br />A new corporation has been formed to build a com- accessible to Atlanta via a future <br />pletely new town on Atlanta's doorstel1. interstate highway and pt'oposed <br />The Fayette County Develop~ :BUT THE NEW financial 3rw expressway connectors. <br />ment Corp. has joined with Bes~ rangements. concluded Friday, The existing highway between <br />semer Securities Corp. of New apparently clear the way for the Newnan and Fayetteville bisects <br />York to form Peachtree Corp. first stages of the devell.>pment the proposed development. It <br />of Georgia. The new organization of Georgia's first completely pre~ also lies near State Highway 85. <br />will undertake to create a "dream planned city. Immediate plans call for group~ <br />city" ou~ of 16,000 aC:res of wiI. Peachtree City's 23-year-old lng homes, stores. schools and <br />derness III Fayette County. mayor, Joel H. Cowan, said con- churches around the lake. The <br />.Deve1opers cIslm the area has I struction will start this fall on a industrial park is planned !;ome <br />a potential population of 75,000 01' J 450-acre lake that will be the distance away, on more level <br />:p€rhaps even 1\10,000. cent~r of the town. By spring, land near the Atlantic Coast Line I <br />The proposed municipality was lots will be offered for sale as Railroad. : <br />chriswned Peachtree Cit~r at the ~Qrz:te sit~s. De:'eIQpe~s are }1e,go~ . .. * \ <br />time of its legal birth in the G~n- tIatI~g WIth busmess. fmns for tl~c <br />eral Assembly this year. 1t now locatIon of plants In the town s <br />exists only on paper, its charter proposed industrial park. <br />granted by the Legislature. 1\-1r. CO\val1 emphasized that <br />*' . . Peachtree City will be a pre- <br />planned town, not a prebuilt one. <br />Lots will be sold to individuals, <br />builders and subdivision devel~ <br />opel's. <br /> <br />" .. - <br /> <br />/ <br />