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<br />City Council of Peachtree City <br />Meeting Minutes <br />June 18, 2009 <br />7:00 p.m. <br /> <br />The Mayor and Council of the City of Peachtree City met in regular session on Thursday, June <br />18,2009. Mayor Logsdon called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Other Council Members in <br />attendance were Steve Boone, Don Haddix, Cyndi Plunkett, aIld Doug Sturbaum. <br /> <br />Announcements, Awards, Special Recol!nition <br />Lo~sdon issued a Proclamation of Congratulations to MA Inclustries in recognition ofthe firm's <br />40t anniversary. Logsdon recognized Fire Marshal John Dailey for 20 years of service. <br /> <br />Public Comment <br />Al Yougel of Keep Peachtree City Beautiful (KPTCB) announced that Partners II Pizza was <br />selling 4th of July T-shirts with the profits to be donated to KPTCB. <br /> <br />Richard Spain addressed Council about developers stalling, noting that residents should be given <br />notice of a time to voice their opinion and, if the developer wished to delay, the public hearing <br />should still continue and Council should consider the request on its merits. <br /> <br />Al!enda Chanl!es <br />There were none. <br /> <br />,.- <br />, <br /> <br />Monthlv Reports <br />Sturbaum asked why Workers Comp claims and City Vehicle Accidents had increased. <br />Administrative Services Director ;Nikki Vrana indicated that there had beell cases of exposure, <br />muscle strain, and a back sprain, \Vith all but one employee released back to work. Vrana said <br />four of the accidents were considered not-at-fault, one was unavoidable, and a couple related to <br />poor judgment on the clearance of the vehicle. Sturbaum said he just wanted to know if there <br />were other issues impacting the claims. <br /> <br />Plunkett noted that the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenue was budgeted for $6 million, <br />and only $3.5 million had been collected. She pointed out that this was the huge deficit they <br />were dealing with in the upcoming budget. <br /> <br />Minutes <br />Sturbaum moved to approve the minutes of the May 21, 2009, regular meeting and the June 8, <br />2009, workshop. Plunkett seconded. Motion to approve the May 21 minutes carried <br />unanimously, and motion to approve the June 8 minutes carried 4-0-1 (Boone). <br /> <br />Consent Al!enda <br />1. Consider Amendment to Automatic Fire Sprinkler System Ordinance <br />2. Consider Surplus of 1994 Ford, Communications Vehicle #8 <br />3. Consider Amendment to Alcohol Ordinance - partially consumed bottles of wine <br />...... 4. Consider Alcohol Qualifying Location Permit - City Hall Plaza/Drake Field <br />5. Consider Acceptance of Drainage Easements <br />6. Consider Budget Amendments <br />7. Consider Additional PffFirefighter Headcount <br />Boone moved to approve the consent agenda items as presented. Haddix seconded. Motion <br />carried unanimously. <br />