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<br />;J"""., <br />? <br /> <br />1''''''\ <br /> <br />:!" <br /> <br />,,> 1" <br /> <br />ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES FOR STONEY BROOK PLANTATION, PHASE IV <br /> <br /> <br />The following are architectural guidelines (the "Architectural <br /> <br /> <br />Guidelines") which govern the design, construction and landscaping <br /> <br />of all homes in stoney Brook Plantation, Phase IV (the <br /> <br />"Subdivision"). The Architectural Review Board (the "ARB"), which <br /> <br />as of the date hereof consists of Donald Burns and others at <br /> <br />Peachtree City Development Corp. ("PCDC") designated by him, as <br />well as the Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") of stoney Brook <br />Plantation, will administer these guidelines and the Declaration <br /> <br />of Covenants and Restrictions for stoney Brook Plantation, Phase <br /> <br />IV <br /> <br />Subdivision <br /> <br />is <br /> <br />"Declaration" ) <br /> <br />which <br /> <br />Declaration <br /> <br />(the <br /> <br />supplemental to these guidelines and is incorporated herein by this <br /> <br />reference. <br /> <br />The approvals required herein shall be granted or <br /> <br />withheld by the ARB and/or the ACC solely on the basis of the <br /> <br />determination of the ARB and/or the ACC as to whether the matter <br /> <br /> <br />as to which a request for approval is made complies with these <br /> <br />guidelines and the Declaration. <br /> <br />In order to facilitate and <br /> <br />expedite the approval process, any party (a "Builder") planning the <br /> <br />construction of a home or landscaping or performing any other work <br /> <br />on any lot (a "Lot") in the Subdivision should review these <br /> <br /> <br />guidelines in conjunction with such planning and consult with the <br /> <br /> <br />ARB as to any questions such Builder may have with regard to the <br /> <br /> <br />provisions of the guidelines and/or the Declaration prior to the <br /> <br />commencement of construction. Upon the completion of construction <br /> <br />and the sale of the property to a resident homeowner (the <br /> <br />"Homeowner") these guidelines shall continue to be applicable to <br /> <br />any changes or modification made by the Homeowner to the <br />improvement and the landscaping on the Lot. The intended purpose <br />of these guidelines is to assure that all dwellings, other <br />buildings and landscaping constructed, erected, placed or installed <br /> <br />in the Subdivision shall be substantially the same in terms of <br />quality of workmanship, materials and appearance. <br /> <br />*special Note: The builder's attention is also drawn to the <br /> <br />Peachtree City Erosion control Ordinance governing, among other <br />things, the use and protection of buffer areas, as well as the <br />requirements for enhanced septic systems on lots adjacent to <br />