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FINAL SURVEYORS CERTIFICATE <br />It 19 hereby certified that this plot is true and <br />correct and was prepared from an actual survey of <br />the property waft by m0 or under NV supervisions <br />11 to all monuments shoes hereon actually exist or <br />are marked of 'future' and their location. size. <br />type* and male lot are correctly shorn: This plat <br />OOnnfarmle to all r i rt lw is of Georg i a P l at Act. <br />ey�� <br />Registered Surveyor <br />Mo. 25-8C) ---- <br />Dote -1j I /L_% <br />FINAL PLAT APPROVAL <br />This plat OompII*$ with the zoning regulations, the <br />Iand deelapse11 Ord Inanos and a I I other requIatIane <br />govern i ng the I and dove 1 opme►t for the C I ty of <br />Peoahtr" CI+y. <br />_kjz'r-- I I- 7- Q <br />City Engineer Date <br />Clty Plamr Dote <br />ar/City Manger Date <br />I IL <br />City Clerk tote <br />MAINTENANCE GUARANTEE <br />The urxW*Igred. ite suooessars and assigns. hereby <br />warrants and guaranties to the City of Peachtree <br />City the full and ocnpIoft woIntenonoe of a oortaIn <br />improvement known as Albsnwrle and <br />more particularly shown in Plat Book _ --------- <br />Pqp(s) ---------- of itis Fayette County Regards. <br />This warranty and guarantee is mode in accordance <br />with the Peoohtr" City Land Development Ordinance. <br />This guarantee InoIudes not only paving but also all <br />other appurtenant structures and amenttl" lying <br />within the right -of -my of so 1 d rood and In the <br />greenbelt including but not limited t0 all curbing. <br />drainage pip". ou 1 vent. catch bae 1 n. dra i Hogs <br />ditch". bike 00+116, oar1 paths and pedestrian <br />paths. U+111+1" 000 and operated by a <br />governmental body or public utility company shall be <br />the responsibiilty of said governmental body <br />or pub l i c ut I l I ty oanpanny and not the dwe l oper. . <br />The developer shall correct and repair or ocuee to <br />be corrected and repaired all daw"as to sold <br />i mgrovenment& resulting from any oau" who i soever. <br />In the event +he developer falls to oorreot any <br />damoges wl+hin thirty (30) days after tort !!so nfl oe <br />thereof. then so 1 d dosages may be corrected by the <br />city and all costa and chor9" blIled to and <br />paid by the developers but this remedy shall not <br />Ilmtt the oily. and it shall also have any remedl" <br />available to it as approved by law. <br />The terns* of fh 1 a Agreene►t sho I I be for a per 1 ad of <br />two (2) years beginning an the dote of written <br />occeptonce of sold lnprovemsnts by the city as <br />evidenced by the final plat approval of sold <br />ooM l eted l mprcvwwf s . <br />After the termln0+lon of sold two (2) year period <br />the city she 1 1 be respwa i b l e to tie c i t l zsns of <br />Peachtree City for the maintenance of said <br />improvements as provided by low. No roadway and <br />ossoc i oted r t ght-of-way sha 1 I be accepted by the <br />city for maintenance unless It socres 90 or above on <br />the city's asphalt pavement rating form. Provided. <br />hoover, any dowg*" which 000wred prior to +he and <br />C4 sold two (2) year period and which &till are <br />unrepaired at he termtna+tcn of said period shall <br />remain the responsibility of the developer (written <br />notice of said damages must be given prior to the <br />time the two (2) year period ends). <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the developer has caused this <br />Agreement to be exeouted by its duly authorized <br />off i oars th i s <br />Syr .4--- --- <br />CERTIFICATE OF DEDICATION <br />State of Georgia <br />County of Fayette <br />The owner of the land shorn an this acknowledges <br />that this plat was mods from an actuoI survey. and <br />for value received +he sufftolency of which is <br />hereby convey in fee simple to the City of Peachtree <br />City. Cecroto, and further dedicates to the use of <br />the public forever all a+r"ts and right* -of -way. <br />of ley*. oar+ Pathes watercourses. drains* easements. <br />greenbelts and public places shown hereon. except <br />those easements designated an this plot as other <br />u+iII+y company easements. and except those *?rest& <br />speoifioolly designated on this plot as private <br />streets. <br />in consideration of the approval of this final plat <br />and other valuable ocnslderattans, the owners do <br />hereby OW" to hold the City of Pecohtree City. <br />Georgia. 1 xv I*" for a f 1 ve (5) year period from <br />any and ail monetary liabilities which may arts. <br />farm any and all alai ms. damages. or demands arising <br />an account of the design and construction of public <br />improvements of the property araw herein. to <br />inoIude but not Ilmited to . the roods. streets. <br />fI Ile, srdwr insern+s. d i tohes. or*" drains. culverts <br />and brldo" within the proposed right -of -ray showl . <br />resulting from any and all causes other than by an <br />act of the City of Peachtree City. Georgia. <br />And furthet . the owner warrants that he owns fee <br />atop I* +Itle to the property 01001 hereon and agrees <br />that the City of Peooh+ree City shall not be liable <br />to the underalpned or subsequent ownsra in title for <br />a period of five (5) years for any claim of damages <br />resulting fres nog11gene in oxerctaing eng1neer1ng <br />techniques and due oautton in the oan*tructian of <br />arose drains extension. drives. structures or <br />bulldinos. the alto Ino of oars" of streams and <br />rivers. flooding tram natural creaks and rivers and <br />any other matter whatacever an prlvote property. <br />Any and all monetary IIabIII y cocurring under this <br />paragraph shoII be the IIobIII+y of the owner. I <br />fwthw warrant flat I lave the right to convey said <br />land according to this plat and do hereby bind <br />mpl" I f and the osiers subsequent i n t i t l e <br />to defend the aavvxr*a and agreements set out. <br />IN WITNESS IIHE EOF. the undersigned by and through I+* <br />duly authorized corporate offloer hoe executed this <br />document this --ell---- day of /!J1-• <br />PEACH CITY MOLDINGS L.L.C. <br />` N M•;�►i <br />® ---- ----------ISE <br />T t+ l I e: Pro* t dent/Che i f Operat t ng Off i <br />STATE OF GEORGIA 7 .� <br />The awwoyano6 of streets and r IV, . <br />pub I i c ded i oat i ons shown on th i a p 1 of are �f 4w , p' 6s%�eN��� <br />accepted by the City of Peachtree City. Cowgta. <br />Th 1 s the _�L_ day of .nQ ue . 1q-q60--- <br />THE <br />9-q60._ <br />TILE CITY OF PEACHTREE CITY. GEORG I A <br />Mayo' <br />AttestC�S <br />Clerk <br />t <br />Notary Publicly 4 <br />dermic* A*w my 24 199 <br />( Ord. No. 434. 6-4-417s Ord. No. 544. 4-2-90) <br />FINAL PLAT <br />OF <br />LAND LOT 134 7th DISTRICT <br />CITY OF PEACHTREE CITY <br />FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA <br />THE FIELD DATA UPON WHICH THIS PLAT IS <br />BASED HAS A CLOSURE PRECISION OF <br />ONE FOOT IN 63.!09 FEET AND AN <br />ANGULAR ERROR OF 01 SECONDS PER <br />ANGLE POINT. AND WAS ADJUSTED USING <br />THE LEAST SQUARES METHOD. <br />THIS PLAT HAS BEEN CALCULATED FOR <br />CLOSURE AND IS FOUND TO BE ACCURATE <br />WITHIN ONE FOOT IN 266.973 FEET. <br />EQUIPMENT UTILIZED: <br />ANGULAR - TOPCON GTS -303 <br />LINEAR - TOPCON GTS -303 EOM <br />NO NGS MONUMENT LOCATED WITHIN 500' OF SITE. <br />iN Mfr OPINION. THIS IS A CORRECT REPRESENTATION <br />OF THE LAND PLATTED AND HAS BEEN PREPARED IN <br />CONFORMITY WITH THE MINIMUM STANDARDS AND <br />REQUIREMENTS OF LAM. <br />W. S. BOOKIN. GA. R.L.S. 012560 <br />ITEM SO.FT. ACRES <br />LOTS (35) <br />306.067 <br />7.00 <br />R/W <br />91.339 <br />2.10 <br />GREENKLT <br />222.!97 <br />S.12 <br />TOTALS 1 <br />619.423 <br />1 14..22 <br />PRINTED <br />MV —8 06 <br />SOUTHEASTERN ENGINEERS, INC. <br />IN <br />GEOWA, FAYETTE CQUNTf <br />Rad ad Rew&d Pi <br />of - M. <br />Book <br />Clerk <br />LEOEND <br />R/W <br />RIGHT OF MAY <br />N/F <br />NOW OR FORMERLY <br />a/C <br />BACK OF CURB <br />E/P <br />EDGE OF PAYMENT <br />NTS <br />NOT TO SCALE <br />SO.FT. <br />SQUARE FEET <br />CB <br />CATCH BASIN <br />HW <br />HEADWALL <br />JB <br />JUNCTION BOX <br />CMP <br />CORRELATED KETAL PIPE <br />ACCMP <br />ASPHALT --COATED CORREGATEO METAL PIPE <br />D.E. <br />DRAINAGE EASEMENT <br />CENTERLINE <br />BUILDING LINE <br />D.I. <br />DROP INLET <br />is <br />FIRE HYDRANT <br />-S- <br />SANITARY SEVER LINE <br />SANITARY SEWER MANHOLE <br />S.S.E. <br />SANITARY SEWER EASEMENT <br />L.L.L. <br />LAND LOT LiNE <br />I. OWNER/DEVELOPER: PEACHTREE CITY DEVELOPMENT CORP. <br />P.O. BOX 2007 <br />PEACHTREE CITY. GA. 30269 <br />2. ENGINEER: SOUTHEASTERN ENGINEERS. INC. <br />275 LEE STREET <br />FAYETTEVILLE.GA. 30214 <br />770-461-4292 <br />3. ZONED GR -14 <br />FRONT YARD SETBACK - 15 FT. <br />SIDE YARD SETBACK- 0 FT. <br />REAR YARD SETBACK - 20 FT. <br />MINIMUM LOT SIZE =4.000 SQUARE FT. <br />MINI Mlle HOUSE S I <br />r <br />r � • <br />$ cy $ o4u o <br />L <br />U) a <br />WCC <br />C <br />C <br />C <br />C <br />zM <br />Q.)yj <br />O <br />r <br />Z <br />O <br />U <br />W <br />H <br />W <br />Q <br />U- <br />W <br />U <br />Mei W <br />a <br />O U <br />0 Q <br />W ~ <br />[L <br />zC <br />ONO O t <br />CLO <br />} <br />t— <br />U <br />ZE = 6 <br />R 16� <br />00 SQUARE FT. <br />MINIMUM LOT WIDTH t B.L. = 30 FT. <br />R4CEIRVEOAl. <br />. TOTAL AREA - 14.22 ACRES <br />R/W AREA - 2.10 ACRES <br />GREENBELT AREA - 5.12 ACRES <br />TOTAL NUMBER OF LOTS - 35 LOTS <br />S. THIS PROPERTY DOES NOT LIE WITHIN AN IDENTIFIED ZONE A HAZARD AREA <br />AS PER FAYETTE COUNTY F.I.R.M. COMMUNITY PANEL NO. 1311300060 0. <br />DATED MARCH 16, 19%. <br />6. WATER PROVIDED BY FAYETTE COUNTY MATER SYSTEM. SEVER PROVIDED VFFI <br />GEORGIA UTILITIES. PEA C <br />7. IRON PINS (1/2'REBAR) SET AT ALL PROPERTY CORNERS EM <br />UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE. <br />S. TBM IS TOP OF C111. ELEVATION - W6.07. <br />9. COVENANTS ON PF0PERTY RECORDS IN DEED BOOK <br />PACE . OF FAYETTE COUNTY, GEORGIA RECORDS. <br />10. THE BASIS FOR DIRECTIONS SHOWN HEREON IS: <br />STATE PLANE COORDINATES (CA -WEST ZONE) <br />LOCAL I ZED CONTROL NETWORK. <br />V 0 8 1996 <br />Q' <br />'CITY PLANNER <br />E CITY, GEORGIA as <br />M <br />N <br />H <br />O <br />J <br />PROJECT NUMBER <br />96028 <br />DRAWN BY CHECKED BY <br />TJ SB 8. BB <br />1 ISSUE DATE 10/31 /96 1 <br />FILE NUMBER <br />DRAWING NUMBER <br />