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F.~yETTE C, OYtI'[ X. ~' <br /> <br /> Peachtree City Development Corp. <br /> Declaration of Covenants & Deed Restrictions <br /> For Fetlock Meadows <br /> <br />TH~$ DECLARATION is m~le as of the ~ day of =~ 1997 by <br />PEACHTREE CITY HOLDINGS, LLC, a C~orgia Limited Liability Com.r~any ~h~ei~er called <br />"Deolarant"). <br /> <br /> WHEREAS, Dechuant owns certain lot~ and block~ of lots (hereinat~ collectively <br />referred to in the singular as a "Lot" and in the plural as 'Lots') Lot 4 ! located in Land <br />Lot 95 of the 7th District of Fay~tte County, Georgia which property is more particularly <br />shown on that certain piaI of survey of. Fetlock Meadows: Section 1 Subdivision, recorded <br />October4, 1973 in Plat Book Ii atPage 30 .FayetteCounty, Geor~iarecords <br />(hereinai~er referred to as the 'Property'); and <br /> <br /> V~-I~.REAS, Dechtrant deah~ to estab~sh certain covenants and rest~-ictions penalnin~ to <br />the ownership, devdopme~t, use and enjoyment of the ProperS. <br /> <br /> NOT THEREFORE, for and during the te~n hereof, as hereina~er stated, be it hereby <br />declared that the Property is subjected to the covenant~, conditions and resttiction~ as follows: <br /> <br />Without specific written approval from Peachtree City Development Corporation <br />"PCDC", no portion of the lot shall be used except for residential purposes. <br /> <br />No alterations shall be made to the site until site plans are approved by PCDC, which shall <br />have the right to establish and amend procedures and standards to gnide its review of site <br />plans. In particular, no dearln~ or gra~llnE shall take place until PCDC has approved site <br />plans. <br /> <br />No building, structure, alteration, addition, or improvement of any character other than <br />interior alterations not affecti~ the external appearance ora building or structure shall be <br />constructed upon any portion of the property until a plan of such construction has been <br />approved by PCDC, its agents, successors, or assigns. PCDC shall have the right but not <br />the obligation, to establish and amend design review procedures and standards to guide <br />the enforcement of these provisions. Plans shall be judged as to quality of design and <br />materials, harmony of external design with surrounding structures or with the plnnned <br />character of the neighborhood, location with respect to topography and finished grade <br />elevation, the eff~-t of the construction on the view from surrounding property, and all <br />other factors which will, in PCDC's opinion, affect the desirability or suitability of the <br />construction. As a minimum, ~nsl p[al:ls arid speci~cations shall show the nature, kind, <br />shape, height, materials, basic exterior finishes and colors, location floor plans, and <br />elevations of the proposed structure or structures. The minimum floor area for the main <br />structure on the lot shall not be less than 1800 square feet of habitable, heated space. <br /> <br />The exterior of all structures must be completed within one (1) year after the construction <br />of same shall have commenced (building permit date), except where such completion is <br />impossible or would result in great hardship to the owner or builder due to strikes, fire, <br />national emerSenCy, or natural c~l~mities. <br /> <br />No fence or wall of any kind shall be erected, begun, or be permitted to remain upon any <br />portion of the lot unless and until plans are ~u~mitted to and approved by PCDC, ~ts <br />agents, successors, or assigns. <br /> <br /> <br />